Costa Teguise; Lanzarote


My first holiday with my other half!!

So after loads of people telling us that we work toooooo hard, myself and K took our first holiday together, seems little but its a big step for us as a couple! Took us forever to choose, where do we go? will it be hot? don’t want it to be trashy, don’t want it to be too expensive! But i think we struck gold with this one!

We decided on Lanzarote; one of the islands that makes up the Canary Islands. See this may sound dumb, but i really thought Lanzarote was in Spain…its really not.

Lanzarote is actually off the coast of West Africa! So really and truly i was closer to places like Algeria than i was Spain! #oops

Hotel we stayed in was called Barcelo Teguise Beach – Adults Only (4*). Don’t be put off by the adults only part, its not adults only because of any type of nudity allowances or nude beaches haha. I think it was classed as adults only because of the luxury and the relaxing setting the hotel is trying to achieve.

Upon arrival we were greeted with Champagne, and the woman at check in was very helpful, outlined everything we needed to know about the hotel, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 2 infinity pools the works; everything was beautiful! The main restaurant was buffet style with a range of cuisines, everything was fresh and wasn’t like any of the £5 buffets you’ll find on a dodgy back street somewhere which was an instant thumbs up.

Our room was another WOW – we had a hot tub in our room accompanied by the most amazing sea view! Bed was absolutely huge, with both of us at each side another person could of fit in the middle if they wanted too haha.

Lanzarote itself is very tourist friendly, from walking around for a few hours one day we discovered lots of shops selling souvenirs for people to take home, restaurants offering everything from Chinese, Italian, Spanish, British you name it. I think there were 2 main shops which sold perfume, and clothing. Kind of like a very miniature Debenhams, but the locals seemed very content! There was also a LOT of car rental places which interested K as he’s a massive petrol head, will do anything for a fast car! Little did he know the types of cars they had were little fiat 500s more suited for me than him haha.

All in all, i’d say this holiday was perfect for our first holiday as a couple! Ticked every box for what we wanted from the holiday! Here’s a few pictures…xoxo


Swimsuit – ASOS
Sunglasses – Kurt Geiger
Trainers – Balenciaga



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